I would like to take this time to share with you a little about myself, my family and the history of Village Opticians. I began my schooling to become an Optician in 1984. I started apprenticing for other optical shops in 1985. I completed my schooling and received my opticians license in 1986. 1986 is also the year I met and married my wife, Sharon. We worked together at an optical shop in Toms River. In November of 1987 our first child was born. We named him Jerry... after my father. Our first daughter was born in December of 1988. We chose the name Kristina for her, but she prefers to be called "Krissi". Kimberly, our second daughter, was born in April of 1991. Along this time I opened Village Opticians of Whiting. For the next several years both my business and family grew... quickly! Our fourth child was born in 1995. We named her Jacklin... after my father-in-law. But if you ask her, she'll tell you her name is "Jacki"! I treasure the personal and business relationships I've built over the years. I consider myself extremely lucky to have a career which I enjoy this much. I look forward to coming to the office every morning and I attribute this to the people of Whiting.

Thank You!
Joel Wolf
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