Frame Selection
Frame Selector enables patients who have difficulty using a mirror when selecting new frames the ability to see how they look. The Optikam system enable patients to try on different frames then takes digital pictures that can be viewed on a monitor with up to 4 different styles, side by side pictures. Then patients can compare these pictures after they put back on their prescription eyeglasses. The pictures also can be either e-mailed or printed to show friends or family the syles they choose for a second opinion.

Lens Options
Lens selector enables patients to view virtual demonstrations of different lens options such as high index, transition tinting, glare coating so they can see the benefits of what they are purchasing.

Patient Education
View interactive lens animations and display eye care and eye anatomy presentations.

Digital Centration
Digital centration is the newest technolgy available today enabling us to give you the patient the most accurate pair of glasses.

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