CR-39 Sunglass Lenses are clear CR-39 plastic lenses that are treated on the front and back surfaces to hold a dark sunglass color tint of 70-85%.  The sunglass tint colors recommended are Gray, Brown or Green.  Bare CR-39 Lenses have no UV protection; the lenses must be treated with an UV Filter to protect the eye from the sun’s damaging UV Rays. This UV Filter is very important protection to the eye since the pupil will remain fully open behind the dark tinted Sunglass Lenses causing more UV Rays to penetrate fully open pupil and reach the retina inside the eyeball.  Over time these dark dyed colored lenses may fade from continual exposure to sunlight and would have to be retinted.

High quality Polarized Lenses provide a unique visual experience.  Visually things are clearer, colors brighter, and you eyes will be more comfortable in the sun than you ever thought possible. .

  • Images are sharper, depth-perception better and outdoor activities more  enjoyable
  • Polarized Lenses are the only lenses that significantly reduce glare
  • Protects your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays
  • By significantly reducing glare, polarized lenses allow you to be in the sun without squinting, reducing eye strain and tension. 

Polarized Lenses come in your choice of gray or brown, plastic or lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate.  Also the Polarized Lens surface includes a bonded hard-coat to resist scratching.

  • Gray Lenses offer the least amount of color distortion of any lens color and reduces contrast.
  • Brown lenses enhance contrast and provide superior depth perception. 


You are probably aware of the danger caused by UV radiation to your skin, but you may not realize the exposure to UV radiation can harm your eyes and affect your vision as well.
There are three types of UV radiation.  UV-C is absorbed by the ozone layer and does not present any threat. The other two UV-A and UV-B can have adverse long and short-term effects on your eyes and vision.

If you are exposed, unprotected, to excessive amounts of UV radiation over a short period of time, you are likely to experience an effect called photokeratitis.  Like“sunburn of the eye” it may be painful and you may have systems including red eyes, a foreign body sensation or gritty feeling in the eyes, extreme sensitivity to light and excessive tearing. 

Long term exposure to UV radiation of many years may increase your chance of developing cataract, can cause damage to the retina and macular degeneration in later life.

If you are working outdoors, participating in outdoor sports, taking a walk, of doing anything in the sun, you should always take precautions whenever possible.  Be sure to wear quality sunglasses that offer good UV protection, along with a hat or cap that has a wide brim.

Premium Products such as Photochromic, Transition and Polarized Lenses already have UV Protection incorporated into their products by the manufacturer.  All other lenses should have UV Protection applied to the clear lens surface before any other treatment or color tint is applied. 

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